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AAC vs Red clay bricks

AAC vs Red clay bricksToday, we’ll compare the two building materials, that is AAC block and red clay brick with each other. We’ll look into each of their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see how is AAC block better than the traditional red clay bricks. We have already gone in a detailed analysis of AAC block in our previous blogs, so you can check them for more insight.

AAC vs Red Clay Bricks


AAC vs Red clay bricksRed clay brick

It has got one size (the degree may vary from region to region but the volume is almost same) and in India its dimensions are, length 230mm, breadth 110mm and thickness of 75mm (without mortar)

AAC BlockAAC vs Red clay bricks

They come in length 600mm, with 200-250mm height and with 100-300mm thickness. The standard size of AAC Block is length of 600mm, breadth of 250mm and thickness of 150mm. We’ll be using the standard size of AAC block while comparing it with the Red clay brick.

Weight in Kilogram

AAC vs Red clay bricks

AAC block floats on water while clay brick completely submerges

AAC Block

The size of a standard AAC block is about 14 kg.

Red clay brick

The weight of a brick is somewhere around 3.5 kg.

Comparison:- AAC vs Red Clay Brick

  • 8 Red clay bricks = 1 AAC block of standard size.
    AAC vs Red clay bricks

    ACC block after being submerged for 6 hrs in water. Dry from inside

  • Weight of 8 red clay bricks (with mortar) equivalent to the volume of AAC block is aorund 35 kg.
  • 8 Red clay bricks are about 2.5 times heavier in comparison to a AAC Block.
AAC vs Red clay bricks

Bricks completely soaks water after 6 hrs

Wall to Wall Comparison

Wall dimension from pillar to pillar of height 8 feet and length 10.5 feet :-

AAC Block

Quantity 50 Blocks

Time Taken – 3 Hours

Mortar Quantity :-


  • 162 Joints
  • 1 bag of ready to mix thin mortar



Plastering :-

  • AAC Bock wall needs no curing and plastering if required only on outer walls and not more than 10mm thick plastering is required.
  • With the use of chase cutter, the groves and be easily cut. Spaces for electrical and watering pipes can easily be made in the AAC wall.
  • Easy wall cladding and Drilling
  • Easy surface finish and just a layer of wall putty is required to give the perfect wall for painting

Red Clay Brick Wall

Quantity 585 Bricks

Time Taken – 6 hours and 30 minutes

Mortar Quantity :-

  • Joints
  • Cement
  • Sand
  • 1656
  • 2 bags of cement or about 100 kg
  • 20 cubic feet of sand

Plastering :-

  • Red Clay bricks require high amount of curing and a thick coating of plaster of about a minimum of 12mm. It can increase to upto 20mm to smoothen the wall.
  • It is very difficult to cut grooves and make any spaces for wiring and water pipes.  it takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Difficult for wall cladding and hard drilling is required.
  • Several layers of white cement and putty is required to attain the desirable wall finish.

AAC vs Red clay bricks

In this AAC vs Red Clay Bricks, we say that, Blocks are large, are very easy to handle and negligible amount of breakage is seen. That means reduction in wastage on building material. Most importantly it saves both time and money.