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Foundation – its types in a building

Types of Foundations

Foundation - its types in a buildingThe building construction can be a simple process or it can be a complex one. The complexity usually depends upon the nature of construction and with it comes its foundation. House construction is much simpler than making structures for manufacture or research. Nevertheless big or small technology is always involved in modern buildings. Even in ancient structures, technology and team work was involved. Some of the magnificent monuments dating back in history are still an architectural marvel.

One prime example of architectural magnificence is the Taj Mahal at Agra. There are many such examples of superior architectural constructions in India.

Constructing a building is a process that requires team work and coordination. Moreover, its process begins with the conceptualization of the building. This is put as a design by the architect on a laminated design poster. Then the engineers work their way out to interpret and add security and safety measures in places. In many countries specified codes exist which have to be followed. These are basically concerned with safety measures and environment. Local municipal bodies may draw guidelines and limitation of residential and commercial constructions.

Engineers conduct many tests like checking the soil and the terrain before the start of the construction. Laying the foundation is the very first step executed as per the specifications set by the engineers and the architect. The foundation varies depending upon the structure, soil conditions and the impending load of the building itself.

What materials are being used also make the difference. Light gauge steel construction requires a different approach to laying the foundations. Brick layers, masons and the labor gets involved at the start of this stage. The basic foundations are of the following types-

Shallow Foundation

These are of the following typesFoundation - its types in a building

Spread Footing Foundations
Mat Slab Foundations
Rubble Trench Foundations
Earth Bag Foundations
The weight is spread over a wider area for support and stability in residential construction .

Deep Foundations

This is however resorted whence the upper layer of soil does not promise stability of the structure. The foundation is established in the deep layer of the soil where it is the strongest.

Types of strong foundations:

Driven Foundations

Pile Foundation Systems

Foundation - its types in a buildingMonopile Foundations
Augercast Pile
Drilled Piles
Under reamed Piles
Pipe Piles (Steel)

Besides there are also many types of specialty piles used in building constructions all over the World.

In all building constructions the cost matters hence use of optimum in materials consumption and limitation in design and infrastructure comes into play. The technology put to use may differ from region to region but proper knowledge makes all the difference.