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Kitchen Makeover

Whether you’re looking to just redecorate your kitchen or are ready for a full-blown remodel. You’ll want to ensureKitchen Makeover that the job’s done right – and preferably in style! Any kitchen makeover, no matter how large or small, requires inspiration, which you’re likely to receive from countless sources. Sources like magazines, billboards, blogs, and your friends’ decorative touches. But how do you shift through all of these options and choose a style that’s bound to stand the test of time? If you’re ready to cut through the noise and make decisions that are sure to last, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the popular trends that many modern, quality kitchens embrace.

Read on for the five biggest & boldest traits that are sweeping the industry :

  • Chic Color Choices

If you’re after a look that’s both tidy and elegant, white cabinetry stands head & shoulders above the rest. White not only creates a light & friendly ambiance, but is also timeless. It perfectly complements everything from natural shades to bright bursts of color. So, you can’t go wrong with this clean and versatile look – especially if you’re prone to frequent redecorating projects.
While white is undoubtedly the leader of the pack in quality kitchens, you could also go for darker shades. If you’d like to swim against the current and spice up your space, then darker shades will be better. Colors such as stone gray, plum, or even black are gaining attraction, and are certain to give your space a dramatic edge that’ll wow your visitors. Keep in mind, however, that these shades can make your kitchen too dark, particularly if natural light is missing.
  • Fully Extending Drawers

Many quality kitchens still have both upper & lower rows of cabinets with doors. But this trend is on a fall, it’s on a downward trajectory. After all, who would wants to have a row of lower cabinets with doors. You could have slick, fully extending drawers instead? This ingenious storage solution not only allows you to get a comprehensive overview of the drawer’s contents at one glance, but also enables you to maximize and effectively organize your space. That’s right: no more partially empty cabinets because you can’t reach the far corners. Drawers save you from the trouble of bending down and rummaging through your cupboards – and they look beautiful, too!

  • Versatile Kitchen Islands

Kitchen MakeoverAlong with lower cabinets with doors, more & more quality kitchens are waving goodbye to wall cabinets in order to create a brighter, less cluttered space. As a result, kitchens are becoming bigger and better, simultaneously functioning as an area for food preparation, casual dining, and storage. Their versatility is illustrated by a hot trend in open-plan homes, in which islands that extend all the way into the dining or living room area are becoming increasingly common. Never underestimate the functionality of these multifaceted wonders that will add to your kitchen makeover.

  • Fabulous Floors

Solid wood floors are and always will be a top contender in this category. But let’s take a moment to consider other popular alternatives. Engineered wood & ceramic tiles are more practical when it comes to maintenance, and are available in a huge range of styles and textures. So, why not go for one of these materials, which can mimic the sophistication of wood flooring. But make sure that they don’t stain and don’t require regular varnishing. Ease and elegance all in one.

  • Tech Takes Over Kitchen Makeover

Control your lighting from your smartphone, have your fridge tell you what groceries you need to buy, and wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee without having to lift even a finger. These are only a few ways in which technological developments can take your space to new heights, making everyday tasks easier, faster, and not to mention cooler! From voice-responsive virtual assistants to faucets with motion sensors, the future of quality kitchens is going to be digital. Are you ready to take the leap?

Although there are many industry crazes that you could buy into, we know that these five trends are here to stay for long. Don’t forget to review them when your next kitchen makeover comes knocking! They are guaranteed to get you started on the right foot.