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Luxurious home

Luxurious home

Luxurious homeWhen someone talks about luxurious home, what strikes your mind? Lavishness, magnificent, grandeur and of course expensive. Owning a luxury home is not just a status symbol, it’s about enjoying the comforts of one’s life. Comfort that you could think of at your own space called home. The term “Luxury Homes” in India is used to lure people into buying projects that are sometimes not so luxurious. Offering something that’s just more than the basic amenities does not come under the term luxury. Luxury homes have many special features that highly distinguishes itself from other properties. So before you fall into the trap of the real estate agents do thorough research. Try looking into some of the major features that highly speak of luxury and luxurious homes.


This is the very first thing that defines a luxurious home. For a housing property to be termed as luxurious it should be at least a 3BHK with attached washrooms and balconies with it. Ample space is required to accommodate life’s luxurious amenities. So a huge hall, a lavish dining space, and an expansive kitchen form an integral part while defining a luxury property. Don’t forget to look for an attached servant’s room to the residential unit. It’ll add as a luxurious property to your status.

Location is the Key for any Luxurious home

Believe it or not, location plays a very important role in defining how luxurious your property is. Look for a locationLuxurious home that has a good connectivity, is marked as safe and is riot and crime free zone. It must also have excellent infrastructure around the property in terms of wider roads, less traffic, greenery and highly clean.

Floor to Ceiling height

Luxurious homes also has beautiful ceiling art and accessories in them. The ceiling ought to have lavish chandeliers and lights. For this the height of the floor to ceiling should be more to accommodate the luxuries. For a home to be termed as a luxurious home, it should meet the standard floor-to-ceiling height i.e. 12 feet or more. Agree or not, if this criterion is not met then your property does not fall under the luxury tag.


Big and spacious elevators with good carrying capacity is an added feature of a luxurious home.

High Security at your property

In today’s world it’s not so safe and unstable environment, one must consider making your home as much secured and safe as possible. See if the property offers inbuilt and enhanced state-of-the-art modern security facilities pre-installed in the house. The house should also be guarded by security personnel, cameras and other surveillance units must be installed at every corner of the property for enhanced security.

Luxurious homeThe above-mentioned points are few of the key features of a luxury home. So, the next time you go to look for a luxury home, keep these aspects in mind. Make sure that you are not tricked by the agent to buy a mediocre property in the name of luxury amenities.

With the rise in the economy and exponential growth of wealth among the people, demand for luxurious houses and properties are on the rise. So to fare well in this competitive market, real estate developers are constantly innovating the architecture. They are incorporating high-end technologies and innovations to build projects that are capable of attracting niche buyers. Thus the market for such luxurious houses is expected to grow further in the year 2019.