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Modern Bedroom Furniture

Modern Bedroom Furniture style

Modern Bedroom FurnitureDecorating with modern bedroom furniture is about finding the right balance between fashionable & cozy. The modern platform bed has clean lines & simple fixtures, and can conform to a minimalist or a transitional style. Whether you are mixing in vintage accent pieces or in contemporary details, centering the room on a modern bed is an excellent place to start.

The headboard will define the style of any bedroom. If your bed has no headboard, a large piece of wall art above the bed would be suitable for center of your room. Materials vary from ornate wrought iron to leather, but wooden headboards are common and versatile starting points for interior design. A matching chair with a reading lamp is a very good idea. Since reading or working in bed is shown to interfere with the quality of your sleep after you turn off your lights.

Perfection is in small details

Side tables with night lights are usually small, wooden accent pieces and often with handy drawers. Use layered curtains on the bedroom windows so that you can control the amount of natural light in your room. Choose colors for the blinds & shades that complement your choice of bedding, especially the colors of your comforter and sheet set. Paint wall shelves in a contrasting color that matches your room’s trim.

If your headboard is wrought iron, strong contrasts like black & white furniture are a good complement. A minimalist aesthetic is a good rule of thumb and it’ll balance out the ornate attention-getting bed. Zebra pattern accent pillows can add a touch of flair if the rest of the room is kept fairly simple with quite open floor space.

Your Bed – the center piece

Modern Bedroom FurnitureIf the bedroom wall is lined with floor cabinets & the bed occupies most of the floor space, choose a small area rug for the bedside and use storage ottomans to conserve space. The cabinet tops can serve as side tables for lamps & decor. The room can be complete without any accent tables or accessories at all. Use recessed lighting on the ceiling to exaggerate the size of the room with added brightness. If your bed has a heavy, overstuffed fabric headboard & ornamental baseboard, use neutral colors. It’ll off-set the bulk of the centerpiece and a carpet without patterns in a similar color to the walls. White sheets & accent pillows with dark trim also help dress up a modern bed with a dark, heavy headboard. Use dark wooden furniture in simple, traditional shapes & lights with white lamp shades to complete the bedroom set.

Play with colors

If you choose geometric patterns for your bedding, modern bedroom furniture in dark colors with clean and straight lines can help. It’ll harmonize the look without being too austere. Colors like blue & yellow combine well to off-set the look of black wood furniture. It’ll give a more transitional than a modern look. Try combining yellow & black accent pillows and black sheets for especially sharp geometric contrasts.

If your comforter and sheet set is silvery gray then a matching area rug might be suitable with dark wooden or blackModern Bedroom Furniture furniture. Fabric wall accents in the same color can also soften one wall. While mirrored doors on the closet can also help brighten the room and create the illusion of added space. Use patterned gray curtains for a more subdued look on the window.

In a children’s room, for a modern bedroom furniture,  platform bed with chrome legs & a blond wooden headboard is bright. It’s cheerful and combines well with red or blue bedding and a geometric pattern in the carpet. Blond leather chairs can complete the room later when toy shelves give way to home office space for a student.