Eco-Friendly Living

Smart cities – using Renewable Energy

City’s have always been a beating heart of  the worlds economy, the global cultural pulse. Moreover, today the speedSmart cities - using Renewable Energy and scale of expansion is astonishing and that presents a choice. A choice between mega city turmoil or a consciously inviting environment a.k.a a Smart City. Above all, any smart city has renewable energy as its soul.

Vibrant City

Today, we’ll look into the heart of California, San Diego. It is a friendly vibrant city, a city challenged by rapid expansion, a city crowding for success in a 21st century. However the population of the city is about 14 Lakh but it’s the 8th largest city of the United States. It is one of those cities poised to move in a smart direction. With an ocean that breeds life in its ports and draws people to the city, its a booming metropolis. Moreover, it’s attempting to manage the chaotic forces of growth, to evolve from an industrial city to a leading high-tech hub. All this is to be done by conscious urban planning.

Located in Southern California, it has miles of beaches and a perfect natural harbor. Furthermore, the port has long been the city’s major asset. About four decades ago the city planners realized they needed to commercialize the city’s downtown to keep the city connected to its priced waterfront. Unlike many cities under threat from rapid expansion, San Diego is actively nurturing its downtown. With the help of public funding, three spaces are bringing the community back to its center.
  • Along the harbor is the home ground of San Diego’s Padres, each game is capable of holding Baseball fans.
  • The convention center known for the world famous Comic-con festival with visitors gathering here from all the America.
  • In the heart of the city is the international airport also know as  Lindbergh Field, connecting San Diego’s downtown to the world. It runs non-stop flights to London and Tokyo.

Renewable Energy Drive

San Diego has addressed the issue of sustainable living and has more that 10,000 electric cars in use. Moreover, this city has world’s highest electric vehicle adoption rate. It has also got over 600 charging stations. In 2013, San Diego, San Diego alone saved about 10,000 tons of Green houses gases.

Smart cities - using Renewable EnergyElectric vehicle and the infrastructure to support them are just one part of the city wide drive to use energy more wisely. Each home in San Diego has a electrical meter fitted in their main electrical supply. This meter sends the users electrical data usage to the utility company, which is then uploaded to the website and the user can track all his usage information. With a simple application the user can understand how the energy is being used and where it’s being used and how much it costs.

This is a whole new way of managing a city’s power. The consumers can now certainly manage their energy use and minimize their  carbon footprints.

The city gets 23% of its power from renewable energy, even more there’re 39,000 rooftop solar installation. Also the city is committed to securing 33% of its energy from renewable energy by 2020. The county spends 2 Crore and 30 lakh USD every year on its utilities.