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Floor- Upper or Lower

Each floor in an apartment building comes with both curse and boons. On whatever floor you choose to live in, it has both the advantages and disadvantages with it. Thus, you might want to get clear on what you want and according choose your floor. Below are mentioned some ups and downs that comes up with living in lower level floor vs living in higher level floor.

Lower Floors

The Benefits:

Convenient While Moving

If you are a guy who is continuously on a move then lower floor is best for you. Picture yourself carrying a heavy couch through a flight of stairs. It gets tiring, right? An apartment at lower floor is entirely different and is close to the entrances and exits of the building.

Stays Cool In The Summer

Floor- Upper or Lower

Easier access to sports and recreation


One of the major benefits of living in a lower floor apartment is its low temperature. Even during the extremely hot days, these apartments tend to stay cool. Not just that, lower floor inhabitants have the easiest access to the outside garden and other forms of recreation.

Emergency Exit

 In case of an emergency you can exit the apartment/building without any problem.

The Drawbacks:

Security Concerns

Keep in mind the security issues if you are living in a lower one. Living in a lower floor can leave your house susceptible to thefts and unexpected intrusions.  Moreover, lower floor rooms are more prone to danger related with burglary.

Lack Of Privacy

Winters will bring you a disadvantage as you wouldn’t be able to keep your windows open and enjoy the bright sun. Doing so would not be a suitable thing for a private person as there’ll always be a lot of commotion and noise from the streets that can easily be heard from the lower floors.

Upper Floor

The Benefits:

Ideal for Privacy Seekers

A great benefit of living in upper floor apartments is that it is isolated and quiet. You won’t have to rush to the door every time you hear footsteps passing by your house. Not just that, it also gives you access to interesting view from the height of your surroundings.

Air Conditioners Are Not Required

You can leave your window open throughout the day and soak in the fresh breeze and sweet air. This will even enable you to save money, electricity, and effort. You’ll also be free from constant dust coming in from the streets.

The Drawbacks:

Concerns Over Evacuation

No matter how safe an apartment or a building you live in is, natural calamities can’t be predicted. Living in an upper floor makes it difficult for you to reach safety as soon as you possibly can.

Not Pet Friendly

If you have pets, then it is not a good idea to live on a higher one. Just one adventurous session on the balcony would prove disastrous for your pet.

Overall, living in upper floors and lower floors comes with both ups and downs. Take your time, do your research and choose the floor that suits your lifestyle and preferences.